Since 3 generations, Louise is the symbol of vintage Champagne. Each year, this special wine bears the speciality of our terroir. Dressed in white or pink, the freshness of its fragrance, with fruity and subtle woody notes, awakes the papillae with elegance.

Bubbly and adventurous, Louise does not stop to travel the world in search of new flavours. In good epicurean, she loves the cuisine in all its forms and dares trying seasonal recipes!

Louise is impertinent!

Usually favoured for starter and dessert, she feels isolated during the meal. Why the great wines of Champagne would not have the right to accompany the richest and perfumed dishes?

Louise doesn’t stain! More discrete than its cousins from Bourgogne and Bordeaux, it claims, with its white and bubbling clothes the right to have a sit in dinners and festivities.

Authentic and contemporary, Louise takes its plume and relates a life where you will appreciate it out the feet of a wild bear or from cod back.

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