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Our soils of Kimméridgien – Terroir

The Terroir of Aube is unique. It was created from a special climate with a strong influence from the plateau of Langres (dry and cold), a soil from Kimmeridgien ( geologic stage dating from late Jurassic) made up of a calcareous clay bedrock which we call lime marl. It has very compact layers of limestone and clay marl containing abundant fossils of marine organisms in the […]

The wine is left on the lees…

1- The Lees The lees are composed by dead yeasts, that settle a deposit at the bottom of the container after the alcoholic fermentation. The lees are very important because it present a natural antioxydant capacity, that allows, at the same time, to protect the wine during the ageing and to improve its capability age […]

How much importance to give at the date of disgorgment ?

It is an essential information to the customer, it indicates the time of the aging of wines of champagne on laths. That means, the time between the bottling (to make the prise de mousse champenoise) and the beverage. It is an indication that we can find mentioned (sometime) on the back-label. Otherwise, It could be […]

The characteristics of Glass

The importance of glass lies in its ability to enhance the wine… The glass is one of our greatest ally for tasting. Its form, its size, its material, its price… The possible choices are multiple… Which one to choose? Here are some tips that may help you… A good wine glass, what is it ? It […]

Wine Storage Conditions

Keeping wines is an art ! If the conditions  of ageing are optimal, your wine will be abble to reach its apogee ! We have not got necessarily the ideal cellar, that’s why we decided to tell you more about it. The Temperature Temperature is critical for a good proper conservation of the wine. Ideally situated […]

Dosage of liqueur ?

Extra-Brut, Brut, Doux …If the champagne appears under so many different qualities, it is thanks to the “dosage”. Explanations …. Before the final corking of the bottle, during the disgorgment, we try to find the perfect balance by adding a liquor. Made of wine and sugar, the quality of this liquor will determine the nature […]

Why do we turn our glass of wine when tasting?

It should already have happened to you to see somebody moving its glass of wine while tasting. Far from a question of style, it is a small gesture very important for the tasting …   What is it for? This technique simply allows the wine to open and to release its aromas. With the contact […]