Wine Storage Conditions

Keeping wines is an art ! If the conditions  of ageing are optimal, your wine will be abble to reach its apogee !
We have not got necessarily the ideal cellar, that’s why we decided to tell you more about it.

The Temperature
Temperature is critical for a good proper conservation of the wine.
Ideally situated between 10 and 13 degrees, a variation of 2 or 3 degrees remains acceptable. The reason is simple, if the cellar temperature is
too low, the ageing will be slower and the crystallisation of tartaric acid salts will be possible; however, if it is too high, the wine is more at a risk of oxydation. Don’t worry if your cellar is slightly warmer! Theses conditions are optimal and are required for great wines ageing during several decades. It is important to avoid the major changes (10 degrees and more).

Try to maintain a hygrometry rate between 70-75% at all times. A humid cellar will not be a problem for the wine but for the label. With time a progressive degradation of the labels and cork will be the main consequence. However, a too dry cellar can be devastating! With a hygrometry rate below 70%, the corks dries, causing an evoparation and a premature oxydation of the wine. An effect accentuated by a too high temperature.

Cave 1 champagne Louise Brison Millesime                         Louise-brison_stockage

The wine must be stock in a well-ventilated place. In order to avoid contamination, do not store with chemicals (off-taste) or vegetales and fruits (moisture).

Avoid keeping wines in a place subject to vibrations.

Light has undesirable effects on the taste of wine (lighstrike). A low light condition is recommanded ( no neon).

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