The vintage 2019 ageing on the lees…

Since five months the vintage 2019 is ageing on the lees in oak barrels
After the alcoholic fermentation, it is an important step during the vinification of our wines of Champagne.

Vin de base millésime 2019 en fûts de chêne

Wine in oak barrels on lees

It allows the wine to reach its full potential and complexity.

It is the time for us to taste their aromatic evolution

dégustation des vins de base 2019 vinifiés en fûts de chêne

Tasting of the vintage 2019 vinified and matured in oak barrels.

The tasting confirm our excitment at the end of harvest2019 is a promising vintage !
But we must give him more time,
which is of course an essential requirement for quality.


Lees inside oak barrel

The vintage will reveale all its potential during the blending.

Louise will give you her impression and more information soon…


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