Our soils of Kimméridgien – Terroir

The Terroir of Aube is unique. It was created from a special climate with a strong influence from the plateau of Langres (dry and cold), a soil from Kimmeridgien ( geologic stage dating from late Jurassic) made up of a calcareous clay bedrock which we call lime marl. It has very compact layers of limestone and clay marl containing abundant fossils of marine organisms in the […]


The budding is an important phase of the biological cycle of the vine and an important time for winegrowers ! Timeline From the first half of November to February the vineyard is in dormancy (rest). From March to the second half of November, it is the biological cycle with different phases, from the budding to the […]

The vintage 2019 ageing on the lees…

Since five months the vintage 2019 is ageing on the lees in oak barrels… After the alcoholic fermentation, it is an important step during the vinification of our wines of Champagne. It allows the wine to reach its full potential and complexity. It is the time for us to taste their aromatic evolution… The tasting […]

The wine is left on the lees…

1- The Lees The lees are composed by dead yeasts, that settle a deposit at the bottom of the container after the alcoholic fermentation. The lees are very important because it present a natural antioxydant capacity, that allows, at the same time, to protect the wine during the ageing and to improve its capability age […]

How much importance to give at the date of disgorgment ?

It is an essential information to the customer, it indicates the time of the aging of wines of champagne on laths. That means, the time between the bottling (to make the prise de mousse champenoise) and the beverage. It is an indication that we can find mentioned (sometime) on the back-label. Otherwise, It could be […]

Back in our cellar for disgorgment…

At the beginning of summer, we have a lot of work in the vineyard, we left it to work in the cellar… … Where we proceed to a key and delicate step in the making process of the champagne (and the last before selling) The Disgorgment Disgorgement is the process that ejects the sediment, presents […]