Our soils of Kimméridgien – Terroir

The Terroir of Aube is unique. It was created from a special climate with a strong influence from the plateau of Langres (dry and cold), a soil from Kimmeridgien ( geologic stage dating from late Jurassic) made up of a calcareous clay bedrock which we call lime marl. It has very compact layers of limestone and clay marl containing abundant fossils of marine organisms in the occurrence of tiny oysters : Exogyra virgula (It is an extinct genus of fossil marine oysters in the family Gryphaeidae, the foam oysters or honeycomb oysters. These bivalves grew cemented by the more cupped left valve. The right valve is flatter, and the beak is curved to one side. Exogyra lived on solid substrates in warm seas during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.).


In the Côte des Bar, don’t bother to look for chalk, there isn’t any !

Our Terroir is closer to the terroir of Chablis than that of Reims.



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