Dosage of liqueur ?

Extra-Brut, Brut, Doux …If the champagne appears under so many different qualities, it is thanks to the “dosage”.

Explanations ….

Before the final corking of the bottle, during the disgorgment, we try to find the perfect balance by adding a liquor. Made of wine and sugar, the quality of this liquor will determine the nature of a champagne.

·         Brut nature:  no sugar added and less than 3 grams by liter of residual sugar.

·         Extra-Brut: Between 0 and 6 grams of sugar by liter.

·         Brut: Less than 12 grams of sugar by liter.

·         Extra-dry: Between 12 and 17 grams of sugar by liter.

·         Dry: Between 17 and 32 grams of sugar by liter.

·         Semi-dry: Between 32 and 50 grams of sugar by liter.

·         Soft: More than 50 grams of sugar by liter.

The “dosage” is always indicated on the label. Now, you will be able to find the champagne that fits palate.


At Louise Brison, our Champagnes are always of quality “Brut”.


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