The characteristics of Glass

L'importance du verre

The characteristics of Glass

The importance of glass lies in its ability to enhance the wine… The glass is one of our greatest ally for tasting. Its form, its size, its material, its price… The possible choices are multiple… Which one to choose?
Here are some tips that may help you…

A good wine glass, what is it ?
It should be chosen according to the tasted wine. A same wine served in different types of glass, will be not appreciated in the same way!


Each glass have different characteristics. For example, to optimize the tasting, a glass with a larg form will be chosen, its important surface of contact with the air will favor the oxygenation and the revelation of the aromas.
While a glass with a reduce form on the top will allow to concentrate the perfumes inside for an easier tasting and revealing of the fragrances.

To notice: The INAO glass,  with a good concept, allows an optimal olfactive analysis. It is used by professionals for all types of wines, except, for Champagne (fast evacuation of carbon dioxide, bubbles). It allows to reveal the elegant and refined aromas.
A glass of quality must be transparent and fine to be pleasant on the lips.

The material is also important …
The majority of glasses are in glass, because it stay neutral. The glasses in plastic, metal, or with another materials could alter the taste of wine and to disturb our taste perception.


And for the service of Champagne?

Champagne glass, inadequate, even if famous… It was said that it might have molded on the breast’s Pompadour ! History and elegance…

Champagne flute glass, indissociable of Champagne, is the reference in the world for this precious liquid. Its slim form allows at gas to wind quickly and to keep the freshness of wine. But, its important effervescence can cover aromas.

Ovoid glass, is ideal for the champagne tasting. Its open form and closed on the top gives an ideal environment to a good concentration and expression of aromas.

 More detailed!

The great Champagnes, and particularly the vintage Legend Louise Brison Champagnes need space to express.  It is in the habit to use of similar glasses to those for white wine because it have advantageous peals at the good expression of wine, with smoothly.

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