Delicious Chinese Soup

At all season, you will enjoy this Chinese soup of character !
Perfect with a champagne of Legend  vintage 2004, a trip with many flavours await you !

Risotto with organic pasta

A easy pastas dish to prepare and rich in flavor !
To taste with our champagne of Legend 1997 or 1999
Enjoy your meal !

Citrus marinated chicken

Find all the spicy flavour of these chicken thighs. Food&Wine paring : Perfect with our champagne brut vintage 2012
For a spicy tasting time… From dish to champagne !

Truffles in crust

A delicious and festive dish with black truffles  !
This recipe, full of flavour, is a great pleasure to taste. Perfect with a champagne Louise Brison  vintage of Legend.

Ceviche of seabreams with yuzu

A fine recipe, perfect with our champagne Légende vintage 2000 ! A source of delights…

Homemade truffled egg scramble

The famous homemade truffled egg scramble… Shoud be served with our vintage 2009

SeMi-cooked of salmon accompanied with its summer vegetables

This recipe will get married perfectly to our vintage champagne Legend range1999.

Youngs Chaource stuffed and ice-cold of ratatouille

This recipe with summer notes will get married perfectly to our champagne rosé ” L’impertinente “.

Andouillettes wtih vintage Champagne

An amazing recipe that revisits the famous Andouillette from Troyes; Dare try it under new tastes that have not finished awaken your taste buds.

Our vintage champagne brut 2005, from our Legend range, will be perfect for this recipe. The indispensable gourmet touch to this recipe.

Langoustine tails fried with raw asparagus in citrus vinaigrette

Combining lightness and exoticism, it is full of freshness and finesse recipe that blends perfectly with our vintage champagne cuvée Tendresse 2008. The perfect equilibrium that will awake your papillae.